Gotta Keep Smiling

I almost very foolishly & unintentionally let my 'Secret Life as a Blogger' out a few weeks back.

My writings in this blog have been a well guarded secret for many years to both my friends and family.

This has been done intentionally so I could always write freely & detail the events as how they actually happened instead of trying to save peoples egos & feelings and post something that people would prefer to see.


The party last Saturday night was excellent, Damn Excellent! My Mexican Tequila theme night was a huge success, if I do say so myself.

I mean I've had house (condo) parties before, and they have all been pretty good. But this one, well this one really outdid all the others combined.

This time I went all out....there was more then enough booze on hand; I made bloody sure of that. On top of this, there was enough fantastic food & snacks for an army and I even had a professional busboy / bartender on hand to serve.


My Mom had already read the riot act to me on numerous occasions about me being more patient and tolerant to my recently separated younger sister.

It was Moms' assertion that, with two young children to raise as well as having a full time job, Sis didn't need her few spare hours filled with arguing & bickering with the likes of me.

I verbally agreed with Mom that I would try and 'tone things down' however......

Surfin' Bird

OK, maybe it’s just me.  In fact, it must just be me because no one else seems to be complaining.

Twitter is just really beginning to get on my very last nerve lately and let me just say, I don't like it.

Sure you can sit back and argue it is the best & most revolutionary thing that is around in social networking today, and you would not be wrong.....

Losing My Religion

This story happened back in February of this year.  I was talking to my Mom on the phone and she 'casually mentioned' that there is nothing she would rather see then for me to settle down with a 'nice girl' or so she put it.

Now this is not a surprising statement in the least.  In fact, this is a recurring conversation that Mom has with me approximately once every couple months despite my protests that I am quite happy.
In order to speed up the conversation I unfortunately told Mom...

Hair of the Dog

This was DAMN hilarious! 

The family 'gossip', also known as my sister, had just called me and passed on a supposed secret which Mom had earlier relayed to her.  Evidently the females in my family are certainly not ones to keep any information too confidential for any extended period of time.

The news was that for the past year or so, our father has been getting his haircuts from one of his old cronies he hangs out with down at the legion.

The funny part is......