Small Town

A couple of months back in July of this year, a friend of mine moved back home to the east coast of Canada to the city of Halifax.

I finally got a letter & postcard from Jackie earlier this week, giving me her new address and letting me know that things were going very well with her sick Mom (whom she has been staying with & looking after) and also with herself.

Apparently she has also just been offered a very well paying job in the province of Newfoundland, which is an island province very close to Halifax. This will allow her the luxury of still being close to her Mom in the event that she is needed.

Included in Jackie's letter to me was a postcard which had a little map of Newfoundland on it and a number of towns pointed out. I didn't really think much of it until I turned over the card and she had scrawled on the back "I saw this card & immediately knew you would find this funny."

Now Jackie really doesn't know me all that well (or so I thought) so I was rather surprised that she would presume to know what I may or may not think is humorous. I mean I am a very complicated creature by nature, far too intricate for a casual acquaintance to encapsulate.

My stupid sister on the other hand, who has known me all her life, always dismisses my sense of humour as being both juvenile & quite immature.

I honestly believe that since Sis is so clueless an individual in general, she rarely comprehends any joke or humorous comment that I may make, so she just uses that as an excuse for not

Anyway, back to my postcard.

Once I finished reading Jackie's comment, I studied the little map on the card again very closely and she was right, it was funny - very funny.

I don't have a scanner or you would be seeing it now, so you will unfortunately have to make due with my rather sketchy description.

Canadian Beaver !

It was entitled "Places to Visit in Newfoundland" with a picture of a little beaver pointing & then listed on it all the towns with the most hilarious names such as: Ass Hill, Ass Rock, Bareneed,
Billy Butts Pond, Blow Me Down, Come-By-Chance, Comfort Cove, Conception Bay, Dildo, Exploits River, Ferryland, Jerrys Nose, Leading Tickles West, Little Seldom, Pecker's Point, Tickle Cove and Virgin Arm

I have always known that the folks living out in Newfoundland have a great outlook on life but now I realize that they must also have areally good sense of humour if they are naming their towns like this!

You have to figure that alcohol perhaps in some way, must have played a small role in the naming of some of these places. I really don't think most sober people have that much creativity. They cautiously just go with some old traditional name for a town, usually after some boring old dead pioneer or something similarly as monotonous.

I have never been out to Newfoundland so I am not positive if all these places actually do exist or not, however I figure they have to since they are on a postcard. I mean, if you can't go by the legitimacy of a small postcard map, I'd really like to know what can you go by.

So perhaps my sister is right, but I don't care. I can't help it if I find stupid odd city & town names to be funny. If that makes my humour juvenile, so be it.

I definitely enjoyed the card and now have it proudly displayed in my office at work. So
far everyone that has seen it has found it pretty entertaining.

I am now waiting for my boss to drop by and see the card. Perhaps I can convince him to send me out to one of these small towns one day such as Come-By-Chance or Blow Me Down.

Then I can find out first hand if these towns live up to the names they have been given. Just a passing thought!


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