I've had Enough

As most people already know, I have always been a rather petty and rancorous individual.  Probably not one of my many better selling points however, what can a guy do, that's life.

Having said that, it is time once again to give you a list of stuff on people's blogs that I just hate and that really piss me off.  (keep in mind almost everything lately falls into this category)

My regular readers will know that I already started this list of things way back in January 2005 in   I Can't Stand it no More,  and then continued my tirade in the list of September 2005 in   I'm Looking Through You.

Some things in those previous listings still continue to be annoying.  Damn annoying, such as the auto playing of music when a site loads, plagiarism of other peoples postings or code & those crappy sites that take an excruciating long time to load.  Actually now I re-read over those two previous lists, ever item on them are still pretty damn annoying.  But I won't repeat those since I don't recycle my posts. (I also hate that too, I just recycle my empties which, not surprisingly, is quite a few.)

It has now been over a year since I last vented and a lot of things have gotten better but unfortunately, a great deal has also gotten worse.

So here it is in no relevant order, the third instalment of my list.  Enjoy!

21.    Blog pets
I hate these useless & creepy looking creatures.  These hideous things do absolutely nothing except follow your cursor - Wow, what unique excitement, who needs a TV if you can find one of these.  Maybe if these things did something else like crapped on your blog or died in front of you, they may be slightly funny.  But as for now they are just a total waste of space.

22.     Sites requiring you to download something in order to view their content
Yeah, these are really practical.  I mean Windows XP requires 1.5 gig of space alone just to operate.  Do you honestly think that I am going to download even more junk onto my hard drive just to view your specific site?  Not bloody likely.

23.     Displaying my IP address & Operating System
I hate this.  Those stupid signs telling me what my IP & Operating system is.  I already know that so your little sign is simply just annoying and somewhat obnoxious.  Something more interesting may be if you tell me what YOUR IP address and operating system is.  Although to be brutally honest, they're both pretty damn boring.

24.   Sites recommending services that they don't even know what they are
A current prime example of this is eXlinks.  Don't endorse it by putting up a stupid link on your site and ask us to sign up when you haven't personally tried it out yourself first.  You have no idea, it may be total crap.   Remember when we visit your blog, we are your guests not your guinea pigs.

25.     Not allowing comments, email or any other ways for readers to find you
Unless you have taken a vow of silence or are currently an active member in the witness protection program, there is really no excuse for this.  A simple 'mail to' link is all it takes.  So if this describes your blog, fix it and stop being so insanely paranoid, Osama.

26.     Posting News stories on your blog
Your blog is not CNN or a newspaper, so maybe realize that little fact and just comment on a news story or reference it with a link instead of copying & pasting the entire article verbatim from a legitimate news site and then attempting to pass it off like you have some kind of scoop.

27.     Abandoned blogs that are still in rotation on a service
When I say abandoned I don't mean a week or two that a blog has not been updated, I am talking months & months.  I have watched these things aging before my eyes for months which is totally unacceptable.   I mean I sometimes forget to update my blog now and again - but in fairness to me, I drink.

28.     Sites with only YouTube stuff on them
I love YouTube.com and it is great to add one or two of their videos on to your site to enhance a blog posting occasionally.  My problem is with those goofs that fill up almost every second entry with these videos and substitute it for their own original content.  If I just wanted to see videos from YouTube.com, I think I would probably just go over to that site and watch them instead of reading your blog.  So unless you have a vlog, please stop.

29.     Text and background colours
Some color mixes just ain't right - pink on green as one example.  People are suppose to enjoy visiting your blog and want to return to it.  They really don't enjoy straining their eyesight in order to read your undoubtedly disappointing entry.  Being unique with color combinations is one thing, being stupid is quite another.

30.     Posting for the sake of posting
Some days there is not too much of anything to post.  If you encounter one of those days and have nothing to say, maybe it's better that you say nothing.  Don't post crap if you don't have anything to say, you will be forgiven by your readers if you are honest with them.

Damn, that last one hit way too close to home for my likings.  That's it for this list.

Till next time....


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