Best of...

You know these days, my life is so incredibly dull, I am even boring myself.

That may explain to some degree why I haven't been posting too much. My motto has always been "If you have nothing to say, it is best to say nothing."

So in other words, I dont want to post an entry just for the sake of posting. There is enough of that kind of crap
on the net these days anyway.

For those few readers that still do diligently come and visit me here occasionally, I have decided to take a page out of what the TV stations do and have some re-runs. You know, links to old posts which I claim are "my best" when in reality, they are really not very good at all. But at least it is something I guess.

Truthfully, they probably are my best posts but in the overall scheme of the blogging world, simply 'not so good'.

As my Dad always says "Man can't put in what God left out". I think there actually may be some truth to that.

Anyway here they are below. ( and at the right, but who notices those? :) )

Hopefully I shall be getting back to some kind of regular posting schedule shortly. Only if things pick up, of course!

Keep in touch.

Welcome Back

You Dont Bring Me Flowers

Sunday Morning



Working For The Weekend

Helter Skelter

Your Mother Should Know

Closer to the Heart

Take It To The Limit

Another One Bites The Dust



Anonymous said...

You have a lot of great entrys. I'm lookking forward to your next article.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for more

tomshideaway said...

Good Idea!!

Gina said...

recycling is ALWAYS acceptable...toasting you with a glass of red right now...hiccupp...

Anonymous said...

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Thanks !

TooBIG said...

e found a o BE, I feel the same way. I've been stretching to find something to blog about myself. I guess I've been too busy but if being to busy doest give you any thing to blog about then I must be boring right? I like your blog glad I came across it. Hope you check mine out as well. I'll be back.


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