Wouldn't It Be Good

I have a bit of catching up to do. This is something I hope to do gradually over the next few weeks.

The below happened in early June, prior to the birth of my new niece. We were all over at Mom and Dad's place for a Sunday evening dinner. It was myself, my pregnant sister and her husband Doug, my nephew Mikey and of course Mom and Dad.

Just for the record, my sister is huge. Enormous, the size of a house. One would think she is giving birth to quintuplets or something.

This is not relevant whatsoever to today's posting however I feel compelled to share this small fact with you.

So after dinner we are all sitting around the kitchen, discussing possible names for the baby which was extremely boring as you can all well imagine.

When it finally got to my turn in order to spice things up a wee bit, I looked around and in with a straight poker face announced that my choice for the baby's name would be 'Fitty' named appropriately after the popular rap artist 50 cent.


Sis stared at me for a moment and then looking enraged, simply called me an idiot.

Mom, who obviously is not familiar with Mr. 50 Cent, asked if this "Fitty" person was someone working down at the mall in the gift wrap department.

I was trying not to bust a gut by laughing out loud as my sister was explaining in detail who Fitty was to both Mom and Dad.

"He is a rapper and not a wrapper". She explained carefully. "It is also a very stupid selection for a name."

I quickly interrupted their little information session by announcing that "I really don't care what name you give to the kid. Whatever you name him I will still be calling him Fitty."

Dad stood up and commented aloud about my sanity as he had clearly had enough of this 'family time' and wandered out of the room, newspaper in hand.

Mom looked at me and said "You really need to be more responsible, especially at your age. We already had two children when your father was your age. It brings a person a sense of responsibility."

"Yes it does, Mom." Sis chimed in, as if she was some kind of all knowing Goddess of the world.

"Well" I announced matter of factly, "Why do I need to get married and have kids. Soon I will have 'little Fitty' to hang out with.

"You better not call him that." Sis warned, narrowing her eyes rather menacingly. "You know how nicknames stick for kids"

"Get used to it. It's a done deal." I responded getting up and leaving the room in dramatic fashion.

As I left the room I heard Sis yelling for Mom saying "He says he is going to be calling the baby Fitty, Mom - what should we do?"

All I could do is smile while Mom attempted to calm her down.

"Please calm down, dear. You know he is just trying to get under your skin. He won't call the little one "Fifty Wrap Man" or whatever he was saying. He is joking with you."

So as it happened, Sis gave birth to a girl in early July. So the discussion was all to no avail.

I am now the proud uncle of a lovely little girl by the name of Emma (birth weight of 7 lbs 6 oz).

Things seem to be almost back to normal and crazy Sis seems to have finally calmed down a bit.

I will be 'stirring the pot' again with her shortly. It is just too funny to get her all riled up over the little things in life.

I hope little Emma turns out to be a bit like Pearl in the short video below. Life would be so much funnier!

The Landlord
click the above to play


Gina said...

While Emma is a beautiful name, I can't help but wonder what your sister would do if you did call her Fitty...lmao!

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