Mama, I'm Coming Home

"Fired" ? "What the Hell do you mean fired, you can't fire an entire department - you Damn Bloody Limey idiot!" I yelled back at the confused & nervous lackey delivering us the news.

Well evidently you can fire everyone if one company sells out to another. Everyone loses their job and as a rule the existing employees are then invited to join the new company which is doing the purchasing, usually nothing more than a formality.

With me they got the firing part down pretty good however they unfortunately seemed to forget about the re-hiring side of this ridiculous equation.

Needless to say I am furious. I'm now a very upset and angry Canadian living in London, England.

I don't take this kind of crap. I'm outta here. I'm coming home.


Randall P. Floyd said...'re back.

Anonymous said...

great to see you're returning.

Gina said...

Welcome Home! We are keeping the real english alive for you!

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