Viva Las Vegas

So it's official! I 've got a week off of work prior to undertaking a new project and so I'll be heading down to Las Vegas next week with my friends John, Kevin and Samantha for some well deserved rest, relaxation and maybe perhaps just a little bit of gambling. :)

I let my family know my plans last Sunday, just after dinner as we were all sitting around the kitchen table.

"Another bloody holiday, you only just started back working again a month ago." Dad blurted out, sounding rather annoyed at the very suggestion of me taking time off work.

"It's actually been 4 months now when I started this last contract, Dad." I corrected him. "Anyway, this isn't much of a holiday. Just a short trip to Las Vegas for a couple days before I start a huge project with lots of overtime. I need to take the breaks when things are slow and when I can get it."

"Breaks, Hmph!" Dad responded, now disgusted. "In my day, a fellow would take a job and if he was lucky would get one day off a week. One day! You lot in this day and age are all soft. Taking time off for no reason and flying here and there. I remember when I was your age...."

The next 10 minutes contained endless 'In My Day' stories from my father which essentially all seemed to have the same message, that being that 'I am lazy'. My entire generation, and me that is.

Dad's unwelcome monologue finally ended with the rather bizarre line of 'We didn't win the war against the bloody Jerries by taking time off to go to Las Vegas!"

I am quite accustomed to my fathers' sudden and erratic outbursts over the years and traditionally just listen silently and attempt to steer the conversation in another direction. Usually this works.

This time however, I did not need to do anything as Mom suddenly changed the subject, which got Dad's attention right away.

"That reminds me Simon" Mom declared, looking over at Dad. "Young Reverend Green is taking a four day holiday starting tomorrow and I volunteered to take care of his cat. I forgot to tell you."

"Hmph, damn cat" Dad grunted in response. "Strange guy, that Reverend. I think that young Reverend Green of yours might just be a little 'light in the loafers'. When we were at the hockey game with him a couple weeks back, we were all having a good time having beers and laughing and he just sat there sipping on some kind of fruity juice drink, not saying a word. (read story HERE )

"Simon" Mom scolded. "Just because a man chooses not to get foolish & inebriated at every social gathering he attends does not in any way make 'light in the loafers'. Especially the young Reverend. He's a good man. He simply doesn't drink, an admirable trait which you could evidently learn from."

"I'm just telling you what I saw" Dad responded, sounding defensive. "There were also a lot of single young ladies around as well, he didn't make a move on one of them. Just sat there like a bump on a log."

"I agree Dad, there's something wrong with the guy." I jumped in quickly, now quite pleased that my fathers attention & ridicule had been turned away from me and on to a new target.

"Grandpa" Mikey, my eight-year-old nephew interrupted. "What does 'light in the loafers' mean?" (Urban Dictionary defintion )

Dad, thinking quickly, didn't miss a beat. He immediately stood up and looked at his watch.

"My, My, Is that the time already?" Dad announced. "My news program is coming on the television. Mikey I am sure your old Grandmother here can answer that one for you. HAHA."

With that, Dad tucked his newspaper under his arm and swiftly headed into the living room to watch his television, cackling under his breath.

"Grandma" Mikey began. "What does 'light in the loafers' mean? Grandpa said you can tell us."

Mom was silent for a moment, first looking at Mikey and then over at Sis and then her gaze finally rested upon me. Then she spoke.

"You seemed to be finding your fathers off-colour remarks to be rather entertaining this evening." Mom advised. "Perhaps you can explain that repulsive phrase of his to young Mikey."

This time I knew that was my cue to get out of the kitchen fast, before anything further was said. I quickly jumped to my feet heading towards the living room.

"No time, Mom!" I replied. "I also have to watch the news this evening. Could be travel advisories or something I should be made aware of. Damn Terrorists! Mikey, you better ask your mother!"

I then looked over my shoulder at my slow-witted sister, whose mouth dropped open in shock as she was now on the hook to explain things to her son. Hilarious!

And that was my typical Sunday this past weekend.

So now I will be taking off for Las Vegas for 5 days (yeah, I know, I told my folks a 'couple' days only...and you heard my Dad's response. I didn't dare tell him 5 days!). And after that I will be 'nose to grindstone' as I am starting a project at work with loads of overtime as it has critical due dates for completion.

Anyway my weekly posts will be interrupted for a short time until I am completed with all this, so my readers actually will get a little holiday here as well!

But I am now not sure if I will be doing much gambling down in Vegas if today was any indication of my luck. I was just informed that Sean Hayes (a.k.a. Douche - Read story HERE ) is going to be working on this project with me as well. So much for luck! So now you can see I really do need a holiday!!

See ya soon!


Mrs4444 said...

My dad was the same way; you couldn't tell him a thing. Have fun in Vegas (but not too much!)

Anji said...

I'm glad Mikey asked - I didn't know either.

Hope you have a good time in Vegas, sounds like you're going to need it.

Julie McClelland said...

Interesting isn't - generations, quips we use - look forward to you regaling project reports with SH.

Julie :-)

Annoymous said...

Time for lady luck to shine when you're there.

The Hawg! said...

Good luck in Las Vegas. Your father, by the way, sounds exactly like how I'm sure I'll be when I'm retired and have grown children.

I already pull out the "back in my day" stuff as it is.

Rahul said...

Quite interesting article you've got here.
Las Vegas rocks.

Canucklehead said...

I love Vegas as well - hope you had fun!

Mich said...

psst - check my blog for an idea i had....

billy said...

lol. interesting man

Canucklehead said...

It's been just over 2 months ... certainly the hangover must be almost done by now?

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