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This week I have a rather important request for all of my readers. I know, we all hate people asking us to do stuff as it usually costs us both a great deal of time and also money.

But let me reassure you upfront, this will cost you nothing but a few seconds of your time and no money. It will also benefit thousands of people through the Lance Armstrong Foundation called LiveStrong, a foundation which is set up to inspire people to join in the global fight against cancer in communities around the world and intended to raise money for cancer research, raise cancer awareness, and encourage people to live life to the fullest.

All you have to do is add someone to your TWITTER list. That's it, pretty simple.

The person is the comedian and host of the game show The Price is Right, Drew Carey.

His twitter id is: @DrewFromTV (Link)

Briefly, here's the story behind all this.

There is a guy named Drew Olanoff who owns the Twitter user name of @drew. Being a cancer survivor himself, he decided to auction off this name in order to raise some money for the LiveStrong foundation, as they had helped him in the past.

Olanoff was hoping to raise maybe $10,000 from some rich Drew who would want this name however on the last day of the auction, the comedian Drew Carey came along and bid ten times that for $100,000.00 !

Then last week, Drew Carey announced during an interview that he would increase his bid to $1 million dollars if he can get a million followers on Twitter by midnight on December 31.

If you want to read the whole story and background check out the story covered by CNN, go HERE

Or even better, read it straight from Drew Careys' own blog HERE

I think everyone in the world has been touched by cancer either directly or indirectly and in this life we need to help others whenever we can.

This is a pretty small ask with potentially some very huge benefits. I really urge everyone to help out with this extraordinarily generous offer made by Drew Carey.

At the time of writing this, it looks like Drew has just fewer than 110,000 followers with only about 9 weeks left till the end of the year. It's still a long way to go to hit the target but if you sign up and then ask as many of your own Twitter followers to also follow Drew, we can all hit this number with time to spare

It may just be the most important person on Twitter that all of us have ever followed!


On December 30th, Drew Carey announced via Twitter that he will remove the time limit of December 31st and will donate the $1 Million Dollars once he has reached the target of 1 Million followers!

This means that if you have not had a chance to follow Drew as yet, please do it now!


American Idiot said...

Done and done. :)

Ish D said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this! Added him!

Ann said...

I knew there was a reason I liked Drew Carey. I'll have to go add him. Wonder if I can remember my twitter password?

Robin Boland said...

Thanks for sharing this information with us. This is for a great cause and I will add Drew Carey. I did not know he had cancer in the past and I happy he is a survivor.

Jim Clary said...

I am following.

Jim Clary

Medica Corner said...

I am in

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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