About Me

My blog was born back on January 1, 2005, which was when I suddenly woke up and decided to share my opinions and life with the rest of the online world.

I am not exactly sure what the original motivation actually was; a lost drunken wager, a horribly ill-conceived New Years resolution or perhaps just general boredom.  But on that cold January morning I felt the world needed to hear yet another voice.

The original concept was for me to use this as a vehicle to express my impressions of world events, politics and news-worthy items however that idea pretty much 'fizzled-up' almost immediately as my own life seemed to continually get in the way of these writings.

As a result, I soon began to use this as a sort of 'online diary' essentially talking about the events surrounding my friends, my family and myself. Not only did that seem a little more entertaining to me, it was almost therapeutic in a way which allowed me to both document the events going on around me but also add a commentary with my own personal opinions and feelings.

Over the years I have pretty much touched upon every topic imaginable from comedy to boredom to great personal tragedy.  During this short time there have been births, deaths, laughter and tears. Nothing to out of the ordinary.  Just a regular guy talking about his rather regular life.

The blog has been described by others as many things: different, stupid, offbeat, entertaining, pointless and my personal favorite; "the incoherent ramblings of a mental case." In reality it is probably somewhere in the middle of all of these.

We all have our stories in this world. These ones are mine.

Note on site profanity:   In a halfhearted attempt to make this blog somewhat "office friendly" I have replaced some perceived objectional words and phrases with characters such as $%^&*. If you want to see what I actually am saying, hover your mouse over the characters and the real words will appear.

(Try it here): @#$%
This should soothe the ultra-conservative readership as well as allow you to read this blog from anywhere including the office.