Hello Goodbye

The most boring & uninteresting posts that I encounter while I am surfing the 'blogosphere' are those entries people write where they are talking about their own blog as the sole subject matter.

You know the ones I mean like "I modified my sidebar column width by 1 mm today, hope you all like it." or the ones that assume you are totally blind by announcing "I changed my entire layout, did you notice?"

Both of those kind of entries really make a presumption that first, you are a complete idiot and don't notice anything unless it is specifically pointed out to you & discussed at condescending, pain-staking length and second and much more importantly, that you even care about their crappy blog to begin with.

Well let me assure you up front, I do not make any of these misconceptions although my post today is in regards to the changes to my own monotonous blog. But please note, it is more to inform the very few regular readers that I may still have remaining to update their bookmarks rather then to point out the bloody obvious.

After weeks of tolerating disappearing posts, server down time and numerous other frustrations, I have decided to pack up my stuff and move away from the only blog service I have ever used, BlogDrive.

The last straw was having my postings disappear for hours and then re-appear as a result of their unscheduled server maintenance.

As a rule I am a rather laid back and tolerant individual however, being a true drinking man, when my posts begin to disappear without explanation, one tends to question their own sanity prior to accusing their blog host of gross incompetence.

Being that I am in no way giving up my beloved boozing (that was at no time even a consideration), I must therefore give up something else, which is using BlogDrive. My ever intoxicated and failing mind just can't take the hassles nor the stress.

Anyway, to make my already long & uninteresting story somewhat shorter (but certainly no less boring), I have packed up and am moving to Blogger.

So for those of you that have my old RSS feed book marked, here is the new & revised link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Slightlydrunkcom

If you have my blog book marked as "slightlydrunk.com" you will not need to do anything as you will always be pointing to my latest blog. If you don't, the actual new Blogger address is: http://slightlydrunk.blogspot.com

Depending on how prompt all the Blog exchange services are, you may already be reading this entry from my new digs.

Once you get a chance, go have a look around at the new place. I have attempted to use pretty much the same bland and familiar layout and design as I always have (that being my own impaired color schemes, although perhaps one of these days I will find someone to design a nice new look for me...once I save up enough empties to afford such an endeavour.)

So have a look and let me know if everything works. I am hoping that it does however being that I am not that fluent in HTML and also that I was slightly intoxicated when I did this whole thing this past Saturday afternoon, might just explain any problems that you may encounter. In any event, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

So with that, it's time to say goodbye to BlogDrive and all the known issues I have had to deal with over the past couple years and now say Hello to Blogger where, knowing my luck, I can experience a whole new world of fresh and challenging problems for my frequently impaired mind to battle.

But as they say on NBC, "If you haven't seen them - they're new to you!"


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the move :) the site already looks better!

tl said...

Maybe I need to get drunk to really appreciate all the changes.

But being sober, the new site looks good to me.


mikster said...

Hopefully blogspot will serve you better than blogdrive.

Dustin said...

Blogger's been good to me. They've had a few outages lately, but I'm actually hosted on another server, so they haven't affected me. Good luck on the move, and welcome!

Rowan Dawn said...

I like the look. I use blogger, too!

Blueyes said...

Your seriously taking changes using blogger now? I sure hope you have backup copies somewhere lol Most people are migrating away from blogger onto wordpress now because the disappearig posts and downtime.

Rob said...

Well, the site seems to load faster for me; however I would steer away from blogger. I personally moved to Wordpress on my own server because I got so sick of Blogger outages and slow performance. Hopefully you'll have a better experience with them.

Matthew said...

ill be looking into renting your blog when i ever get approved on blogexplosion

welcome to blogger :P

funny cop story as well, haha


EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

I think you should mention the changes to your blog more often, as you do here INDIRECTLY. It certainly looks cool and the colors are very pleasant. (Direct comment)

Yash said...

haha..it was really good post. I enjoy humor and your blog is filled with it. starting from the title itself.

Nothing said...

This page loads much faster than the previous one. Keep up the good work!

By the way: The title bar read - 'lightly Drunk' instead of Slightly Drunk in my Internet Explorer Browser

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with Blogger! I too moved from there after my posts started disappearing and not reappearing - I couldn't upload photos, they had downtime all the time and it ran so d a m n s l o w.

Moving to wordpress was the best thing I ever did, but hey, each to his own and hopefully your experience with blogger will be better than mine.

Here via BlogExplosion.

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