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So I'm just a little curious here today. What would you do if you had a fifty year old neighbour who:
  • rarely worked at all within the past ten years
  • always walked around wearing masks and bizarre costumes and uniforms
  • continually hung around under aged boys and frequently invited them for sleepovers to his home
  • altered his appearance dramatically as a result of multiple cosmetic surgeries
  • had numerous legal suits against him over unpaid bills as a result of his egotistical attitude & sense of entitlement
  • had multiple allegations about him for child molestation
  • settled out of court on sexual allegations made by at least one, possibly more, under aged boys
  • had doll collections and the skeletal remains of a human in his house as keepsakes
  • was well known to be a habitual prescription drug offender
  • was known to sleep in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber so, as he claimed, he could live to be 150 years old
  • lived with a pet chimpanzee who he named Bubbles and asserted that this animal was his best friend and also cleaned his bedroom
I am guessing you would be rather happy if this kind of freak left your neighbourhood pretty quickly or at the very least feel relieved once he was gone. Well that is essentially what happened as Michael Jackson died last week.

So how come everyone is sad or at least pretending to be? Why is it that when you die all the bad crap you perpetrated while living, is immediately forgotten?

Of course it is sad when a father of 3 young children passes away suddenly, but honestly - that is life. This kind of thing happens every day in our world.

I am hoping people remember the complete picture of Michael Jackson, both good and bad, and not just believe the crap coming from these absurd benefit concerts and memorials that all the 'blind sheep with short memories' have.

Sure you can use the anecdotal argument that thousands of people still loved him and were still buying tickets for his next set of concerts in London.

My only retort to that is Jackson had not had a hit whatsoever in over a decade and believe me when I tell you that nobody, with the exception of 'other freaks living in the past', wants to watch a 50 year old man grabbing his crotch on stage.

He may have been a talented man with a somewhat pleasant singing voice however that in no way should erase the many eccentric, immoral and illegal things this guy did in life. Lets not continue to eulogize this guy, he was no hero in any sense of the word but rather, just an entertainer with many abnormal habits. Nothing more and nothing less.

I really hate the fact that in death, either his or anyone else's, all of a sudden absolves you from any wrongdoings you may have done while on this earth. Ridiculous.

So go buy his CD's and download his songs if you enjoyed his music, but really, lets keep everything in perspective.

If you are thinking I am speaking cold & harsh on this topic, you're right - I am. Those were some harsh things he did while alive. Yes, yes - very sad, he's gone...blah blah blah. Ok, lets move on - get over it.

Now its time for a few shots of Jesus Juice.


Anonymous said...

this blog is ugly. you should start over. not trying to come across as mean. try using gradients, stripes, just experiment. but you really need to change it.

Melina said...

Well, whoever said this blog is ugly is kinda right. I like your writing and content, but the orange and yellow is way to harsh on the eyes. I couldn't stay and read as much as I wanted to. Your content is good though. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

i disagree with your post, but hey that's ok. When can agree to disagree.

Oh and please change the color of your blog. It's a bit too orange.

Doctor Faustroll said...

What? What? You want ugly? Come to my blog. I got dead bodies in the header.

I like the orange because it's hard to rind with.

RE Ausetkmt said...

why do you hate when you can't compare yourself to the person you secretly envy ?

sad indeed.. Sha-mone Noww

Robin said...

I totally agree with you .. an excellent post on what Michael Jackson was all about. It's funny that now his albums are suddenly back on the charts which will make lots of money for his estate. I was never a fan of his although I will give him credit for being a good entertainer .. but the fact remains he did not play any instrument and he never wrote a song.

Mike Golch said...

I'll go you one better,how come there is not a big fuss made when one of our troops lay down their lives for our country????Yet son freak gets like royality when he dies??

Caddy said...

THere is an interview that MJ did with Oprah regarding the allegations you mention- and the fact is, they are all allegations which he flatly denied and explained how people came to make up those rumors.

So ... do we know the truth? No, we don't but at the same time I think it's not right to keep perpetrating or parading suspicions as if they were the truth.

Mary said...

Your colors are fine. I like them and I have an aversion to color, ergo, the all black wardrobe. At least you tell the truth about MJ. I'm sick of all the coverage too. What 50 yo man sleeps with little boys, fcs?

Tellie said...

Paris singlehandedly proved that Michael jackson was truely a kind hearted man.

Al Sharpton told the children

"There weren't nothing strange about your daddy... It was strange what your daddy had to deal with but he dealt with it."

And in the words of Marlon Jackson.
“Michael, when you left us, a part of me went with you. … I will treasure the good times, singing, dancing, laughing. … We will never understand what he endured … being judged, ridiculed. How much pain can one take? Maybe, now, Michael, they will leave you alone.”

Let the dude rest in peace. Leave him alone.

nipsy said...

First off, the blog looks good..change is nice.. second off for those loving Jackson fans:


Celebrities die all the time. Should the world stop simply because a big one does? What about the abused children who die every minute every day? What about the service men and women who die everyday in countries all over the world protecting you? Or the elderly woman with no family who passes because no one thought to check on her? Should we stop reporting real news because one person dies? I am so sick and tired of all the Jackson memorials already. Get back to the real world.

Mrs4444 said...

I agree with you, though I do believe the stood out above most in terms of innovation in music. I also believe that he was a warped individual and wonder how much more wonderful he could have been, had his dad not been such a jerk.

new illuminati said...

Money matters so much that the statutory rape of minors doesn't matter if you're rich - you can always buy a semblance of love.
A pity Paris only ever saw one side of her father (though it's also just as well), who was as much a victim (in his early days) as a perpetrator in his latter years. That's how paedophiles propagate, folks.
A great performer who mutilated himself for little cause. When someone dies owing half a billion it's always big news - but like Hendrix, his death has made his flagging sales soar!
Isn't it amazing how he couldn't be revived - when he had access to the best medicine and paramedics in the world?
You'll never know the real story.

Anji said...

I was looking forward to seeing him make a fool of himself on the new tour.
Some people are best left in the past.

sheila said...

Kate IS a little (ok a lot) bitchy, but I would be too if I had 8 kids and a spineless husband. Can you just imagine the amount of work that went into taking care of those guys when they were little? Someone had to take charge.

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